AISATSANA – Delirium Muse

A beautiful voice and a kaleidoscope of synth sounds, samples, modern beats and a live played piano set the tone for an album which stands as an example of a female vocalist which is not shy in using actual production techniques to plumb the depths of what a contemporary singer and songwriter’s album can sound today.

„Delirium Muse“ is a powerful and lyric statement, an eclectic treasure box filled with songs which embrace a wide variety of styles. The attentive listener will find cross references to electronica, art-rock, soul music, progressive rock, dance…, but AISATSANA only takes quotes to add sounds and textures to her very own universe – which is full of song-pearls which ask the listener to take their time to discover – what then slowly unfolds.

AISATSANA – Delirium Muse, officially published on the 20th of March 2016 is available as a physical cd and/or as digital download on all major platforms.


Music & lyrics by AISATSANA
Arranged by AISATSANA and Richard Deutsch
Voice & Keyboard by AISATSANA
Drum programming & electronics by Richard Deutsch
Produced/recorded/mixed by Richard Deutsch –
Mastered by Gregor Streng
Cover art by Maria Pleshkova
Design by Inna Makuta

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Aisatsana, photos © Sveta Speko


Abandoned Zone Records 2016, AZR 010