Remix and cover artwork by: Digifyin aka Nikita Volkonsky

Kawri’s Whisper is an upcoming prog rock band from St.Petersburg, Russia.
Their sound is a mixture of progressive rock, dark jazz, math- and post- rock.

They have played more than 100 gigs including local support for 65daysofstatic (UK), Tangled Hair (UK), Tera Melos (USA) , Tides From Nebula (Poland).

This is already their fourth release after Black River (EP, 2012), Youth (EP, 2014) and Stop! Start Over (Single, 2015). included Kawri’s Whisper’s EP Youth into their top 50 releases of 2014 and released a song on the compilation Fecking Bahamas II. Russia

Kawris Whisper on the web: | | |


Abandoned Zone Records 2016, ABZ 009

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