kw- 1425x1425

Stop! Start Over by Kawri’s Whisper, a prog rock band from Saint Petersburg

Mixed by Nikolay Britvin.
Mastered by
Artwork by Denis Mati. Design by Koger Ss (
All musical compositions by Kawri’s Whisper

The Russian instrumental quartet Kawri’s Whisper started out in 2011 in Smolensk (west of central Russia) and currently settles in Saint-Petersburg.
Throughout 100 live shows we played with well-known Russian collectives (Penguinsmeat, Weary Eyes, Adaen etc.) as well as mathematic apologists Tera Melos and Tides From Nebula.
We also have our festival story with playing at “Okna otkroy” (one of the biggest annual rock-events in Saint-Petersburg), ‘STOP the SILENCE!: the best of 2014’, ‘Safoniy’ etc.

Kawri’s Whisper released two free-download mini-albums and one single:

– 2012 – ‘Black River’
– 2014 – ‘Youth’
– 2015 – ‚Stop! Start Over‘

The band’s sound is a mix of prog rock, math rock, post-rock, dark jazz.

The ‘Youth’ EP took 24th place in the list of 50 best 2014 releases by
The video ‘The Hands Resist Me. Chorea’ is currently streamed on 2×2 TV channel.